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Commencing its journey with humble origins in the past, Murlidhar Metalline Industries has emerged as a prominent global supplier of metal injection molded (MIM) products. Presently, Murlidhar Metalline Industries holds a position of leadership in the MIM industry, delivering meticulously engineered products to a clientele spanning multiple nations. As a fully integrated MIM parts manufacturer, Murlidhar Metalline Industries boasts comprehensive expertise in design, tooling, materials, and a diverse array of finishing and assembly operations.

Murlidhar MetallineIndustries’ state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities are a result of a harmonious fusion of various units, collectively representing the world’s largest installed capacity for metal injection molding. Situated in Mehsana, India, our modern facilities house a skilled workforce encompassing engineers, scientists, technicians, and manufacturing associates. These facilities are held to the highest certification standards.

At the forefront of technological advancement, Murlidhar Metalline Industries has honed its capabilities to offer comprehensive solutions, spanning the conceptualization, design, and production of intricate precision components and sub-assemblies.

We extend a warm welcome to “Murlidhar  Metalline Industries” where we are confident that you will discover straightforward answers to complex manufacturing challenges.

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