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Welcome to Murlidhar Metalline Industries, where innovation meets precision inside the realm of Metal Injection Molding (MIM). With a steadfast awareness on MIM technology, Murlidhar Metalline Industries stands as a leading authority within the artwork and technological know-how of crafting elaborate metal components with exceptional accuracy and performance.

At Murlidhar Metalline Industries, we’re committed solely to the craft of Metal Injection Molding, making use of present-day techniques and brand new device to provide top notch metallic components. Our singular determination to MIM generation guarantees that everything we create is of the highest exceptional, boasting both precision and sturdiness.

When you select Murlidhar Metalline Industries, you’re choosing an accomplice committed completely to the mastery of Metal Injection Molding. Our passion for precision, commitment to best, and expertise in MIM generation make us an appropriate choice for all of your tricky steel factor wishes. Experience the distinction of Murlidhar Metalline Industries’s MIM answers – in which innovation meets unrivaled precision.

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Our Working Process

01. Compounding

A carefully selected combination of metal powders is blended with binders to form a specialized “feedstock” mixture.

02. Injection Molding

The prepared feedstock is then introduced into a mold cavity, assuming the precise form of the intended component.

03. Debinding

After molding, the component is extracted from the mold and undergoes a debinding process, eliminating a portion of the binder material.

04. Sintering

Following debinding, the component undergoes a sintering process, during which the residual binding agent is eliminated, and the part fuses all metal particles together to achieve the necessary final density and strength specifications.

05. Secondary Operations

Ultimately, the component might undergo additional finishing procedures, including surface treatment, heat treatment, or machining, to attain the intended surface texture and precise dimensions.

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