What Is MIM

Metal injection molding is an advanced manufacturing process in which, metal and a binder mixed material are used to produce a complex part.

Metal injection molding typically follows these steps: 

  • Feedstock Preparation.
  • Molding
  • Debinding
  • Sintering
  • Secondary

This manufacturing method allows to production metal parts with complicated shapes and small tolerances, with the ease and automation of the injection molding machine.

MIM is used to produce incredibly strong, highly complex metal components in medium to very high annual volumes. With excellent corrosion resistance and the availability of custom alloys, it is ideal for demanding applications where only the best will do.

MIM offers greater design freedom than many other production processes by freeing designers from the traditional constraints associated with trying to shape low alloy steel, stainless steel, nickel iron and titanium.

Advantage of MIM

Design Consideration

Criteria For MIM

Category Criteria
Component Weight 0.1 – 100 gm
Dimensional Range 1-100 mm
Wall Thickness 0.025- 15 mm
Tolerance 0.2-1.0%
Production Quantity >1000
Surface Finish 0.3 microns
Percent Theoretical Strength 95-100%
Percent Theoretical Density 95-100%
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